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67 Ways to Speak like you're from Hetalia!

1. End your sentences with "aru".
2. Say "Ve~" a lot.
3. Ask- no TELL people to "become one with Russia".
4. Option one for Introducing yourself: "I am Japan, a person who can sense the mood and who refrains from speaking".
5. Speak the noises that you make. (ex. when chewing food "chi chi chi chi", when staring "jiiiiii~ jiiiiii~ jiiiiii~")
6. Say "kolkolkolkolkolkol!"
7. Yell "PASTAAA~".
8. Option two for Introducing yourself: no matter what, say in a whispering voice "I'm Canada, you're owner".
9. Yell "I choose you, China"!
10. Yell "VODKAAA~"!
11. Say "I sound like a fag"!
12. Repeat "Marry me"!
13. Call your older brother (or random strangers, that works too) "Big brader" [big brother, in a funny accent].
14. Tell people to "Praise me"!
15. Yell "I'll be the hero"!
16. Call random people your "wife".
17. Stand next to a lamp post and say "I'll try my best until next time, I'll think about it, All my answers are "no". It's a quirk".
18. Say during winter "Winter can suck on my jingle bells".
19. Say "Like", like all the time! Totally say "Totally" as well!
20. Tell people, while eating "You have 15 minutes to eat! If you don't finish by then, I will kill you".
21. When people ask you questions (for example "Do you by chance serve pasta here?") always answer "No we don't".
22. Express how angry you are with a piano. [your anger is chopin]
23. Say "Check it cool"!
24. Respond Japanese way. Be uncrear! Say one thing! But mean somethin erse compretery opposite! Rike I're sink about it!
25. When telling someone you love them, always say it in german "ich liebe dich".
26. After you open the door always say "I've opened the door nee-san".
27. In a new place say "I'm here to make friends with the whales"!
28. While at a bonfire yell "It feels like we're summoning a devil or something"!
29. Say "Nice bananas".
30. Mutter under your breath "Stupid", while complimenting others.
31. When someone says "Knock knock?" say "Who's there?" and then laugh right after.
32. Say "Bakabakabakabakabaka".
33. At the super market check out chat with the cashier. "Oh really?" "uh-huh" "Oh really?" "uh-huh".
34. Appear out of nowhere and ask "Yonda~?" or "You called?".
35. Instead of "Your mom!" say "Da-ze"!
36. Laugh like "Kesese"!
37. Sing 'Marukaite Chikyuu' while in a maid's outfit.
38. Say "Chigi~"!
39. Whisper into your brother's ear (or random people) "onii-chan" over and over again.
40. Send mixed messages. (ex. "Hey do you have a second?" "Um if you're busy then its fine yeah your busy huh," "Eh?")
41. Say "Moi moi"!
42. Say hello to new people like "Well, Hello Friend!"
43. nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom
44. Call people "Wanker".
45. Call People "Stupid Hosers".
46. Hold a pen and tell your friend "This is a pen".
47. Sneeze like "Ah~choo~jo~hei~sha"!
48. Instead of 'damn' 'drat' shoot', etc. Say "Mapleleaf".
49. Beat people with sticks (aka your "peace prize").
50. Ask someone "Do you want to be my friend?" if they say yes, answer with "I've never had a friend before, so I might treat you badly."
51. Carry around a stick friend and call it "Mein shticky friend".
52. When someone offers you ice cream you say "Whoa, ice cream! Dude I'm totally coming over there to hug you! ICE CREEEEEEEEAM~"!
53. Laugh like "honhonhonhon"!
54. When someone is sad go up to them, give them a good pat on the head and say "fusosososo".
55. If someone asks how you are say "m'good".
56. Yell "OBJECTION" in a crowded place.
57. If you have been waiting in line for a long time, breathe heavily and yell "EVERYONE SHUT UP".
58: When you see a cat yell "oo kitty kitty kitty"
59: "flying mint bunny!! Did you come to cheer me up?"
60. When you see pink call it wicked hipster pink.
61. When telling a story, point to your best friend and say "Und zen... I voke to zis veirdo"!
62. Declare your awesomeness.
63. Tell people "I hate you and your ass face"!
64. To end phone conversations, just tell people you need to take a whiz.
65. Mouth off to birds.
66. Insert "Just oranges" randomly into a conversation.
67. Tell people to "Show me your pecker"!
Disabled comments because:
1) I haven't added any suggested items for a while so it's pointless to suggest anything,
2) People really only comment saying "I do blank, blank, and blank." and I don't have anything interesting to say to that without sounding uninterested and or annoyed.

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